Peru 4x4 A Paradise For Adventure

05D - 04N

Lima – Paracas – Nazca – Lima


Day 1 Lima – Pachacamac – Tambo Colorado – Paracas (Total 303 Kms)

Early departure at 06:00 hours with 4x4 units with direction to the city of Paracas. On route, visit the Pachacamac Site Museum where the main archaeological discoveries from the site are exhibited. It emphasizes the idol of Pachacamac, a series of quipus and the model of the whole archaeological complex. Continues the tour through the archaeological complex, starting with the Temple of the Moon and then arriving at the Acllawasi or house of the chosen ones, the Temple Painted, etc. The next stop is on the archaeological site of “Tambo Colorado” which was an Inca settlement (1450 A.D.) located in the province of Pisco. The name was given because of the predominance of red in their buildings. It was one of the most important centres established by the Incas on the coast. It is a set of buildings made of mud walls and adobes; among them are the best-preserved ruins of Peru. Arrival and check in the hotel. Overnight in Paracas. (-)

Day 02  Lima - Paracas - Nazca 

Breakfast at hotel.
In the morning, you will visit the Julio C. Tello Museum, which contains an exhibition of ceramics and textiles that represent the evolution of the Paracas culture. You can also visit the Interpretation Center of the Reserve, from which you can enjoy a spectacular view of the bay and migratory birds like flamingos and others. Then you visit the Paracas National Reserve crossing the famous sand valley to the Bay of Independence, which owes its name because the liberating expedition of General Don Jose de San Martin arrived. This bay has a length, in a straight line, of 25 kilometers and in it lie beautiful beaches like Caquio or Caclio, Carhuas, Tunga, etc. In front of the bay are located the guaneras islands Independencia or La Vieja and Santa Rosita. Time to taste the box lunch. Finally, we continue towards the city of Nazca. Arrival and lodging in the hotel.
Overnight in Nazca. (B, BXL)

Day 03 Nazca – Overflight Nazca Lines – Nazca

Breakfast at hotel.
Here we recommend that breakfast should always be taken after the overflight of the Nazca Lines. This huge set of geoglyphs has a network of lines and drawings of figures of animals and plants attributed to the Nazca culture that cover an area of approximately 350 km2. Among the main figures, we can appreciate the Hummingbird, the Dog, the Monkey, the Astronaut, etc. The German Maria Reiche dedicated 50 years of her life to the study and research of the place, concluding that it was an astronomical calendar.
After overflight of Nazca Lines, guided visit to the Archaeological complex (Pyramid) of Cahuachi. This was a religious, ceremonial centre located 28 kms from the city of Nazca, and it is said that from here the Nazca Lines were born. Cahuachi is also said to be the largest sand and clay city in the world and measures in size more than 24 square kilometers. Afterwards return to the hotel.
Overnight in Nazca. (B)

Day 04 Nazca – San Fernando + San Juan de Marcona – Nazca

Breakfast at hotel.
Early in the morning, we will drive our vehicle south along the Pan-American Highway for approximately 20 kilometers and then take a 50-kilometer carriageway that will take us to the San Fernando National Reserve, through one of the driest deserts in the World, watching on the way a beautiful lunar landscape full of stony hills. After about 1 hour and a half, we will begin to descend to the shores of the wonderful Pacific Ocean. This wonderful bay is the refuge of a variety of animals, such as the great Andean Condor, sea otter, Humboldt penguins, tendrils, cormorants, Peruvian pelicans and thousands of sea lions. Box lunch is included.
After box lunch, we departure to Punta San Juan de Marcona National Reserve, crossing the city and arrive until the peninsula that presents a real zone of beaches where we will be able to appreciate different rock formations that by their form resemble to different animals like the call The Elephant, the Islet La Tortuga, etc. Return to the hotel in Nazca.
Overnight in Nazca. (B, BXL)

Day 05 Nazca – Lima (Total 438 Kms)

Breakfast at hotel.
We suggest an early breakfast at the hotel in order to leave on time to Lima. On route we make a brief stop at the Huacachina Lagoon also called "THE OASIS OF AMERICA" where we will appreciate the wonderful desert landscape surrounded by impressive dunes. Continue the trip to Lima. Arrival and transfer to the hotel in Lima. (B)



  • 04 Nights of Lodging in selected hotels.
  • Breakfast in all destinations.
  • Transfer in/out in Lima.
  • Excursion to Paracas National Reserve.
  • Flight over the Nazca Lines – Service in Group.
  • Excursion to National Reserve of San Fernando + Punta San Juan de Marcona.
  • English Local guides.
  • 4x4 units from 2nd day till 6th day.
  • Fuel throughout the route.
  • Driver throughout the route.
  • Road taxes throughout the route.
  • Oxygen Tank.
  • GPS.
  • First aid kit.
  • Unlimited kms.
  • Leather Seats.
  • Tablets for altitude sickness.

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